Hosting and Linux server control panel

ISPmanager provides a rich feature set for managing Linux server and websites including handling CMS, domains, emails, and backups. The panel has lots of various integrations such as Let's Encrypt, DDoS-protection, website builders and anti-viruses. The Business version of ISPmanager supports multi-nodes and is suitable for shared hosting providers.

Friendly panel for website and server management

Vepp allows users to get a ready WP website 20 minutes after the server purchase. It configures a web-server, installs WordPress with a selected template, assigns a domain, configures a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and email. After creating a website it helps to maintain it secure and efficient. The panel creates backups, helps with SEO, security and website promotion.

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Our developer Konstantin Slastnoi has told in details about the first requests of users, advantages and the further plans of product development.
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QEMU/KVM & OpenVZ server virtualization management software

The complete solution for working with virtual machines. Supports OS templates, recipes, and policies. VMmanager helps to configure backups and firewall, monitor the load. Integration of the panel with billing platforms allows automating VPS provisioning.

DCIM software & dedicated server provisioning toolkit

On one side, DCImanager is capable of managing the infrastructure of any scale, from a few servers to all physical assets of the data center. On the other side, it's capable of provisioning dedicated servers to clients. DCImanager is fully integrated with popular billing software such as BILLmanager.

All-in-one billing software for web hosting and IaaS providers

BILLmanager includes automated service provisioning, client management, invoicing, and reseller functionality. The platform equipped with dozens of 3rd party services, built-in support center, and client area. BILLmanager is also one of the top billing platforms according to HostingAdvice. Free up to 50 clients.

Software extensions and third-party solutions

DDoS-GUARD protects websites against so called HTTP(S) flooding. It will reflect attacks in 99,5% of cases, that means you won't have to worry about criminals and money loss. DDoS-GUARD uses technology of Reverse Proxy.
With a click of a button, Virusdie can scan a website for malicious code: viruses, trojans, spam bots. If scanning has detected any infected files, Virusdie would automatically cure them. After that your website will continue its stable operation.

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