The given section determines how, when and why ISPsystem uses Cookie and identical technologies. Terms and definitions provided in this section are used in their meaning specified in Privacy Policy.

By using ISPsystem Services you automatically agree to use cookie files and identical technologies in accordance with the given document and Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to use these technologies, please use the settings described in the section “HOW TO DISABLE COOKIE”.

Cookies are small text files saved on your computer or mobile device during usage of Websites and Account area. Each Cookie is unique for every account or web browser.

ISPsystem uses Cookie files and identical technologies such as pixel and web beacon. Normally, it is a gif file of 1 pixel which opening allows to receive information e.g. about technical parameters of your connection.

ISPsystem uses session and permanent Cookies. Session cookies are created for the time period of when your web browser is opened and to be deleted automatically after the browser has been closed. Permanent cookies are created until they have been deleted on their own or the time period specified in Cookies has expired.

Furthermore, ISPsystem uses Cookies which are installed by third parties e.g. analytical systems such as Google Analytics.

Some Cookies are linked to your account and establish authorization. Other Cookies are not linked to your account; however, since they can be unique, they can still save settings, interface elements, your preferences, and previous choices.

Cookies allow to use all of the features of Websites and accounting area.

Also, Cookies differ in the ways they are used. ISPsystem utilizes a few such cookies.

AuthorizationIf you have entered your account details on a Website, Cookie will make is possible to switch from one webpage to another while keeping access to secured areas. Website can operate with malfunctions without such files.
SecuritySuch cookies allow to determine malicious actions or bots.
Settings and processesCookies save information about your language, forms filled, and system status.
MarketingCookies can be used to organize marketing campaigns e.g. to show advertisement and analyze their efficiency. Also Cookies can be utilized in marketing email sendouts to analyze opening and reading rates and links usage. If you live in Europe, you can disable advertisement from certain advertisement systems e.g. by using such services as or
Enhance stability, analytics, developmentCookies help to collect and analyze information about how users interact with Website and Account area. This information is not identifying.

Most modern web browsers allow you to manage security settings. The user can restrict saving and using cookie files and add specific websites to exceptions.

Settings for each web browser are described in its documentation.

Use the following links to find settings for the most popular web browsers.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (Desktop)

Safari (Mobile)

Android Browser


Opera Mobile

You can restrict using cookies from third parties such as Google Analytics on the Google website. Furthermore, you can restrict the usage of pixels or web beacons in social networks in security settings of these social networks.

If you restrict the usage of cookies, ISPsystem Services might perform with malfunctions. For example, the system might not be able to save settings, provide successful authorization, send messages, or guarantee proper operation of Software products.

ISPsystem shall not be liable for impossibility of using ISPsystem Services due to the limits set on the usage of cookie technology.