Case Studies

Integrating ISPsystem solutions into hosting business

Get an in-depth look of how ISPsystem's software products allowed hosting providers to streamline their business using the main principles of automation.

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eApps: ISPmanager implementation

eApps is an american hosting company that successfully achieved its goals using ISPmanager as the main control panel for managing virtual and dedicated servers. Learn more.

ISPserver: Integrating ISPmanager and CloudLinux

ISPserver hosting company wanted to provide better shared hosting services to their existing and potential clients. Learn more how the ISPmanager integration module with CloudLinux helped them. Learn more.

REG.RU: effective organization of promo

Read how REG.RU hosting provider launched an effective promotion of ISPmanager 5 Lite to its clients. Learn more.

ISPserver: the launch of site builder service

The increased popularity level of DIY-services for creating websites prompted ISPserver’s experts to launch a website builder service based on module for ISPmanager and bundle it with hosting services. Learn more.