Data center management platform for telecommunications companies

Optimize the work of your engineers. Manage your data center equipment and virtualization. Integrate the ISPsystem platform with any of your software.

The business of telecommunication companies is based on equipment. ISPsystem platform helps unite equipment of different generations into a single network, manage switches, physical and virtual networks, maximize power utilization and reduce maintenance costs.

The advantage of working with ISPsystem is that the company receives a product of high quality, and at the same time, the developer guarantees the ability to quickly improve and support the product at all stages.

Data-centers using ISPsystem:
Helps manage the equipment

The platform monitors the status and location of all equipment, you will always know which rack and which unit a particular server or a switch are in, and which of them need repair or replacement.

Replaces a stack of tools

Temperature sensor monitoring, switch and PDU processing modules, backup and recovery mode, analytics, OS templates – all in one panel. You save time because you do need to switch between different tools.

Facilitates infrastructure management

DCImanager automates routine operations: installs the OS and the necessary software on the server, manages the server via IPMI in public and private networks, manages connections of server ports to the switch and PDU.

Manages virtualization

Helps to create and manage VMs with KVM/QEMU KVM. Manages all clusters in a single environment, prepares equipment, diagnoses and restores it when issues happen.

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Success story

International telecommunications operator, the developer of MCN Telecom platform provides services for business and private clients: fixed telecommunications and numbers, SIP-trunks, mobile communication, virtual PBX, voice robots, Chatophone, Call Tracking. General Director of MCN Telecom platform Alexander Melnikov talks about the use of ISPsystem platforms in the company's infrastructure.

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Our advantages

Regular Improvements

Updates are released every week. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

Technical Support

All current issues are resolved by a professional technical support team 24/7, with average response time as little as 4 hours.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface helps to reduce the time required to fulfill a task. Suitable for engineers of any category.


Consolidates tools for monitoring, service and management of your equipment

Request demo and see Platform in action

Bruno Carvalho

I like the interface design and simplicity. DCImanager is intuitive and I like that it makes the barebone provisioning easy and fast, as well as keeps the inventory simple. Surely, software to keep in mind for data center management.

–  Bruno Carvalho, CEO at Xervers

ISPsystem solutions are multifunctional, have flexible settings, can be easily scaled and adapted to the realities of the market. We are pleased with the cooperation and hope that it will be as fruitful in the future.

–  Alexander Melnikov, General Director of MCN Telecom

Evgeniy Svetikov

We have been working with ISPsystem for over 9 years. Our clients appreciate ISPmanager 5 for its user-friendliness, intuitive interface and low cost. We will keep enhancing our partnership with ISPsystem.

–  Evgeniy Svetikov, Director of Shared Hosting @ Agava

Alexandra Leslie

BILLmanager could become a real discovery for web hosting providers. It is an exceptional SMB to enterprise-grade billing platform of ISPsystem — the team behind many exceptional hosting software control panels.

–  Alexandra Leslie, Tech Manager at

Yurii Prokopyshyn

VMmanager is a great solution for people who need to create their projects by using different operating systems. Since VMmanager allows you to install both Linux and Windows on virtual machines, it gives you great opportunities.

Yurii Prokopyshyn, CEO HyperHost Ltd.

Thousands of companies from 130 countries use the ISPsystem platform


The case of FirstVDS hosting provider data centers integration and infrastructure scaling using the DCImanager platform