11 November 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes

Denis Nemudrov

Senior Technical Support Specialist at REG.RU

"80% of active hosting users chose the ISPmanager panel"

"80% of active hosting users chose the ISPmanager panel"



REG.RU — is Russia's largest hosting provider and domain name registrar. According to StatOnline.ru, REG.RU ranks first by the number of registered domains and websites hosted in the .ru and .рф zones.

ISPmanager website control panel is available on all services provided: shared hosting, VPS, anddedicated servers. Denis Nemudrov, Head of technical support service of REG.RU explains the reasons for ISPmanager's popularity.

ISPmanager is the most popular panel among our customers

ISPmanager, along with other website control panels, remains the most popular with our customers. "80% of active hosting users chose the ISPmanager panel"

ISPmanager is used not only on shared hosting, where customers get the panel free, but also on a cloud VPS, where you have to buy a license. Classic and cloud VPS have a ready-made image with the ISPmanager panel. The user does not need to install the panel manually; he can immediately select the operating system with a ready-made panel.

Why clients of REG.RU choose ISPmanager

Simple interface — the menu is not overloaded and can be understood easily by a regular user.

Panel speed — quick response when switching between menu items and tabs.

Adding domains — adding domains and selection of settings are done from the same section, and mass editing of WWW domains is supported.

File manager — has all the necessary functions for working with files and archives, and recursive change of access rights.

Editor — various encodings are supported, and a syntax check with error warnings is available.

Request logs — displays logs of visits and errors with the ability to view and rotate logs for previous days.

Server administration through the interface — it is convenient to install and configure modules, service statuses are clearly displayed, VPS users can easily reboot the server, etc.

Additional features — for example, free Let's Encrypt certificates and Softaculous script installer. The panel is provided with shared hosting services enabling users to deploy popular CMS on their domain in a few clicks.

ISPmanager saves our technical support time

The convenient environment of ISPmanager saves time, not only for our clients, but also for our support staff. For example, diagnosing problems often reveals a wrong version of PHP for the website. Thanks to the panel, we can quickly check which version of PHP the website will work correctly on.

In addition, our website migration specialists utilize the user migration mechanism. It allows you to transfer a website between different hosting services or move to a VPS from shared hosting.

Try ISPmanager to manage shared hosting or VPS/VDS

ISPmanager is a panel for the organization of hosting and managing web servers. It helps to automate the administration of websites and increases the average purchase amount:

  • allows you to monetize any hosting resources (number of websites, RAM, CPUs, etc.);
  • includes modules that can be sold to clients as addons (anti-virus, DDoS protection, SDN etc.);
  • offers a partner program for providers and resellers.