12 July 2017

Developing a new version of ISPmanager have been started

We are developing a prototype for a new ISPmanager now. Its Alfa testing is scheduled for 2018.

06 July 2017

Top news. June 2017

In this digest we will tell you about main сhanges in software products.

20 June 2017

Apache is becoming faster and more efficient with new LSAPI handler

We are happy to announce the release of a new PHP handler for Apache LSAPI. It is a new add-on for CloudLinux module in ISPmanager Business. This long-awaited solution would be appreciated by all web hosting providers. LSAPI is on-par with Nginx + FPM in terms of speed and effectiveness, supports features of Apache + mod_php and .htaccess configurator, and has a lot of other advantages.

06 June 2017

Top news. May 2017

In May we launched free technical support for hosting partners and released a few new features in ISPmanager and BILLmanager. Find more details in our digest.

23 May 2017

Free support for ISPsystem partners

Great news for members of ISPsystem Partnership program. Starting May 17, 2017 technical support for hosting providers is available for free! This positive step is aiming to demonstrate that we appreciate your efforts in popularizing ISPsystem’s software products.

Communication with our specialists gets easier!  Now you don’t need to count how many free support incidents you have on your account. Don’t waste your time on searching for the right solution on the Internet. You just need to contact ISPsystem directly. The less time you spend on resolving issues, the more time you have for running your business.