11 January 2017

12 months, 38 releases, 4 087 improvements and bug fixes in ISPsystem’s software products. Our Business development team visited 10 conferences and trade shows, and joined 40 new partners to our Partner program. 2016 was rich in events, both for ISPsystem Company, and its software products.

Let’s have a look at the most import changes!


21 December 2016

Before the New Year we would like to provide a present to ISPsystem clients who own lifetime licenses of the 4th generation

We would like to remind you that on December 1 we stopped supporting any products of the 4th generation as well as new security releases and any support.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, we can provide you with a 30% discount on the products of the 5th generation. Just change the tariff from your account area or ask our customer care department to get the discount.

Please note that this discount works only for lifetime licenses of the 4th generation that had been purchased directly from us. The discount will be available till January 9.

Please use this link to read more about the EOL of the 4th generation and advantages of the 5th version.

14 December 2016

Starting from 2017 Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will mark all the websites without HTTPS connections as “unsecure”. An address bar will have a following look:

However Firefox browser will go even further – it will completely block the access to the “unsecure” websites. Along with this innovation we can forecast a decrease of audience engagement, website credit and overall worsening of a website rating in searching systems of Google, Yahoo and others. 

07 December 2016

We are excited to announce that VMmanager was included to Ultimate Guide to Virtual Machine Management Software compiled by, the globally renowned web portal. HostingAdvice is one of the most reputable independent resources dedicated to hosting industry, with blogs, reviews, guides, and articles for newcomers.

We will continue to make every effort to ensure that your interaction with our type 2 hypervisor VMmanager has become even more convenient both for the VPS providers and customers for themselves. So that in future updates to the review VMmanager ranked first in the list.



02 November 2016

Starting from version 5.78.0 we have introduced reselling of SSL certificates between BILLmanager 5 control panels. If you already have a sustainable partnership with SSL vendors, you can offer your reseller partners to purchase SSL certificates from you for further reselling. On the other hand, if you’re just starting your business, you can apply to any provider selling SSLs and discuss reselling certificates from this provider.

The only requirement is that both sides are to have BILLmanager 5. Reselling can be set up inside your account area. Furthermore there is no necessity to sign a special agreement for this kind of reseller partnership.