VMmanager or the console — what to choose for VPS management

Virtual machines on Linux can be created both from the console or by using the control panels. Let's compare these ways and decide the most convenient

DCImanager 6 is available for installation now

We release the beta version of DCImanager 6. The panel received new features, but the main thing — it can be installed on-premise now.

Start using VMmanager 6 for your projects

On October 8 we finished testing and released a stable version of VMmanager 6.


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How to find a good control panel to automate OS installation

Different clients have different needs so it’s good if a control panel has flexible settings. Let’s have a look at what is ”must-have” here.

Vepp — a new control panel for server and website management

Vepp is an absolutely new product that’s why it has a different name. It provides easier tools for newbies yet being functional and secure.

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Vepp for providers: special features and pricing

This article is for providers. I will tell about one of the main differences between Vepp and traditional panels.