Information for site owners: check your DNS settings before February the 1st

The global change in the DNS standard is scheduled for February 1, 2019. The websites that don’t comply with the new standard will become unavailable.

Website is not rocket science

How to create a website from scratch

Miracle standby mode is on

While counting days before the end of the year and waiting for new miracles, let’s flip through our New Year digest. We hope you’ll enjoy it ❤


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“Down the rabbit hole”. UX-designer in a product team

I’m an UX-designer and used to work alone. But everything changed last year after I had an interview at ISPsystem on my birthday.

Revisium in ISPmanager: rebranding and activation by default

On December 11 we updated Revisium Antivirus in ISPmanager Lite. Starting from version 5.182.0 the module is called ImunifyAV.

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50 questions to ask while developing user and technical documentation

For half a year we have been rewriting old articles and writing new ones. There is a list of 50 questions that help us improve our documentation.