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Virusdie will no longer be offered

Find out why Virusdie for ISPmanager sales will stop and our suggestions to existing users

Virtual machines, Docker, LXD and Kubernetes

Let's see what kind of work tasks each technology is suitable for

Secure remote access

How to protect your infrastructure from intruders and employee security errors

How to reduce costs for maintaining multi-vendor infrastructure

how to overcome the disadvantages of multi-vendor infrastructure and reduce costs

VMmanager ranks among top server virtualization software

G2.com has listed VMmanager virtualization platform among top software products

The speed of Docker, the reliability of KVM

LXD containers are the new virtualization type in VMmanager

ISPmanager Lite and 3 popular SSL certificates with a 30% discount

From November 27 to 29 you'll have 3 days of discounts on popular products. We offer an annual license of ISPmanager Lite and 3 popular SSLs 30% OFF

«Automation means savings»

How Hypermetrica, an IT outsourcing company, is reducing the workload of its engineers

How to set up a remote desktop using VMmanager

A fast way to create a virtual office for employees or as a paid service