29 March 2022 Reading time: 5 minutes

Infrastructure solutions developer ISPsystem has joined the Astra Group perimeter

Infrastructure solutions developer ISPsystem has joined the Astra Group perimeter



The developer of infrastructure solutions ISPsystem has joined Astra Group as part of the latter’s ongoing M&A strategy. Platforms for integrated management of physical and virtual IT infrastructures, and QEMU/KVM-based virtualization, as well as a billing system for hosting and IaaS-projects have been added to the vendor's technology stack. The products are targeted at owners of physical and cloud infrastructures, data centers and service providers. Their use decreases the burden on staff and resources, optimizes costs, and improves the availability and quality of services.


Moscow, March 24, 2022 — Astra Group continues to implement its M&A strategy launched in 2020 and announces the addition of ISPsystem, which specializes in the development of platforms for integrated IT infrastructure management. As a result of the transaction, 2.5 billion rubles will be invested into ISPsystem, with Astra Group receiving 70% of the shares, while 30% remains owned by the CEO of ISPsystem Pavel Guralnik.


ISPsystem creates an ecosystem of software for physical equipment maintenance, server virtualization, and a platform that automates metering, billing, and provisioning of IT resources to clients. These products enable management, monitoring and orchestration of physical and cloud infrastructures.

Astra Group's technology stack to date included the Astra Linux operating system for various CPU architectures, with a server operating system optimized for high loads among others, while automated deployment tools are included into all vendor products. The product line also includes a set of virtualization tools Brest, a manager of virtual workplace connections Termidesk, RuPost corporate mail, ALD Pro domain management solution, WorksPad mobile workplace organization software and RuBackup backup tools. Acquisition of a share in ISPsystem has become a logical extension of its M&A strategy: the vendor's portfolio has been supplemented by three market-relevant infrastructure platforms – DCImanager, VMmanager and BILLmanager.


DCImanager is designed to work with the physical infrastructure and allows you to manage multivendor equipment in a single web interface, keep its inventory and monitor the status of work. VMmanager is used to deploy and manage cloud-based virtual infrastructures, where the server part with the installed software is directly owned by the client. BILLmanager allows you to automate accounting and provide clients with resources, set up internal billing, delivery of cloud services, virtual data centers, servers and other services. All three products are listed in the Unified Register of Computer Software and Databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The target audience is the public sector and private businesses: service providers, data centers and IT infrastructure owners.


New products will allow Astra Group to simultaneously cover several areas of demand in the market. These include inventorying, equipment monitoring and allocated resource tracking, organization of IT infrastructures for data centers and major customers, expansion of virtualization capabilities, including solving problems within data centers and hosting providers.


It is worth noting that the web hosting management platform ISPmanager, a well-known ISPsystem development, will not be included in the deal, and its further development will be handled by a separate company ISPmanager.


"At a time when the IT industry must not only completely rebuild itself, but also become a tool for economic recovery, we have decided to merge assets with one of the market leaders, the Astra Group”. This will allow us to significantly accelerate the pace of import substitution, develop and improve software solutions, and optimize sales channels as well as the speed of product introduction. With our portfolios merged, there is an opportunity to cover the maximum number of client scenarios, providing an entry point into an ecosystem of products that already have an easily integrated and compatible suite of solutions. In addition, it will allow us to expand the software stack and implement it within the client's infrastructure perimeter”, – says Pavel Guralnik, CEO of ISPsystem.


"The development of the IT industry is of strategic importance to the entire country, and we continue to create a global vendor that will provide the market with technology covering its needs. We are facing serious challenges, so we are actively strengthening our software stack and for this, we invite not only individual specialists, but also entire teams that have experience with specific current tasks. Joining ISPsystem seriously strengthens Astra Group's server business as an infrastructure company. Owners of physical and cloud IT infrastructures of any complexity, data centers and service providers will be able to manage resources more efficiently and adjust their IT infrastructure, optimize costs and reduce the burden on specialized professionals," - says Ilya Sivtsev, CEO of Astra Group.