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Top news. August 2017


In August we added multi-domain SSL certificates, changed prices and altered our discount policy. BILLmanager and DCImanager have also received serious improvements.

SSL certificates: new types, prices and discount policy

We have extended our SSL certificates catalog, changed prices for some of them and altered our discount policy. Multi-domain and wildcard multi-domain SSLs are available for order now.  Besides, we have made improvements to our search filter, explained better how to choose the right SSL and answered all frequently asked questions. You are welcome!

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New features for message templates

“Message templates” section have got several improvements. New columns displaying dates of changes and status have been added to the table. The “On” status supposes that messages are being sent, the “off” status means that messages are not being sent. History button shows all changes applied to the template. Also we have added a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) which allows a sender to send the message to a few BCC addresses without other addresses knowing anything about it.  (5.120.0)

New report type: Cohort analysis

New product and marketing analytics tool has been added to the “Reports” section. Cohort analysis allows you to select a group of customers based on their registration date and analyze their behaviour. You will see how many days have passed since registration, as well as when and how often they buy something.  (5.116.0)

Domain import from the Naunet registrar

The opportunity to import domains from Naunet has been added to our built-in reselling module of BILLmanager. Now resellers can transfer domains from Naunet to BILLmanager and manage them from the panel, e.g. view domain properties and give it to a client. (5.119.0)


Setting up DNS on a dedicated server

Earlier, dedicated servers could only have name servers used by DCImanager. Now, you can change DNS settings in Global settings to determine which DNS are to be used during dedicated server installation in the main location. If servers are installed in different locations, you can specify certain DNS to each of them from the Locations section.

IPMI web interface proxy improvements

In July we added a new module for IPMI web-interface proxy, which gives access to IPMI devices with “grey” IP addresses. In August we made it possible for administrators to open IPMI web interface directly via ihttpd or VNC and to paste password from clipboard.

For more changes and improvements read our Changelog: ISPmanager, VMmanager, BILLmanager, DCImanager.

New ISPsystem partners

New partners in August:

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