11 September 2020 Reading time: 4 minutes

Ivan Anfimov

Engineer of Rustelecom

How to optimize technical support costs with ISPsystem products. Experience of a hosting provider

How to optimize technical support costs with ISPsystem products. Experience of a hosting provider

The hosting provider Rustelecom provides hosting services to clients:

  • Classic shared hosting,
  • Virtual servers,
  • Dedicated servers,
  • Domain name registration,
  • SSL certificates
  • System administration

Services are currently offered in Europe, the USA and Asia, while the number of locations is constantly increasing further.

Two years ago, the Rustelecom engineer Ivan Anfimov explained how his team is using a set of ISPsystem's solutions. Recently we talked to Ivan again to find out what has changed in the organization of business.

Improving the quality of service with ISPsystem

Over the last two years, we have not changed the global direction in business. People want to pay less, and get more. Therefore, we make internal improvements.

At the beginning of the year, we significantly revised tariffs and reduced the price of services. We changed some settings BILLmanager related to service suspension, and added new payment methods.

We also improve fault tolerance so that none of our internal problems affect our customers. ISPsystem products help us in these improvements. Recently, the power management functionality for dedicated servers has been enhanced for our infrastructure, and now clients have access to the entire range of functions via IPMI.

We are using the platform at all levels: from equipment management to providing customers with VDS.

DCImanager is the key solution that we use in our infrastructure

DCImanager covers our physical equipment management tasks at all levels.

Once the server is installed into the rack, we press the diagnostics button and get information about its configuration components and their current status.

Our clients use DCImanager when working with dedicated servers: install the OS, reboot the machines, correct errors in configuration files.

DCImanager is fully capable of ensuring that the infrastructure runs smoothly and without problems.

DCImanager fully manages to make sure that everything in the infrastructure works smoothly

DCImanager helps us reduce costs

Our main site is in Germany. The services of data center engineers are expensive there. DCImanager helps us save money because we can manage our equipment remotely via IPMI.

Using VMmanager to provide VPS

УWe have the project Robovps.biz — under which we provide our clients with economy solutions starting at 149 rubles. These services are used by quite a large number of clients. We use VMmanager. It is constantly updated, so we offer our customers new features and improve the current ones.

BILLmanager saves from problems with document turnover

Without BILLmanager we would have had to spend a lot of time on document turnover or look for another solution. Our colleagues from the accounting department are very pleased with the fact that BILLmanager has a ready-made integration with the ERP.

I think our customers enjoy working with ISPsystem products

ISPsystem products stand out among the rest. Most people are very comfortable working with them. Clients buy a virtual server or a dedicated server, order services and see a similar interface everywhere. I think they strongly enjoy this ease of use. Yet another advantage is the Russian interface. Other products can only offer a mediocre translation of the interface, at best.

Key advantages of ISPsystem platforms for us

Broad functionality

We use ISPsystem platforms for working with both individuals and large companies. This is what we like the most:
  • The platform allows to process requests from clients conveniently.
  • You can view data on the infrastructure, statistics, which is an essential component of our operations, and the resources consumed by equipment, all of this in just a few clicks.
  • It is easy to manage virtual servers: you can quickly install or move them.


I like that you can create a huge infrastructure and manage it from a single point. When we want to scale up, we quickly add new nodes and place virtual servers on them.

To introduce new equipment, we do not need to switch to new software — it is sufficient to get regular updates.

Custom development

It is always possible to reach an agreement with the ISPsystem team. Your requests will be given due consideration.