29 December 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes

Andrey Komelin

Product Manager 1cloud

1cloud: "ISPmanager is used by clients with a high average purchase amount"

1cloud: "ISPmanager is used by clients with a high average purchase amount"



1cloud is one of the first cloud providers to make sophisticated technology available to ordinary users. The company's Product Manager Andrey Komelin explained why 1сloud sells ISPmanager together with VPS/VDS.

We have been on the market since 2012. 1cloud is one of the first companies in Russia to offer cloud infrastructure management. In the 1cloud panel, users can create and delete virtual resources and use any other products without contacting technical support. Among other things, we automatically provide ISPmanager for managing web services.

ISPmanager comes as a part of the complete service

Our clients are offered a VPS/VDS with a pre-installed operating system and the basic set of software that includes ISPmanager. All templates are pre-configured, so creating a ready-made virtual server takes on average two minutes.

active cloud infrastructure consumers with a high average purchase amount. ISPmanager helps to host, maintain and administer websites.

Clients use many features of ISPmanager

We were attracted by ISPmanager firstly because of its wide range of applications for various users. It can be web hosting, domain management, DNS records, backups, databases, or CMS that are deployed through ISPmanager easily and conveniently.

I was a bit surprised by the results of custdev: ISPmanager has very different application scenarios.

Managing DNS in ISPmanager
Managing DNS in ISPmanager

Some point out the function of managing DNS records and subdomains. When there are many, it becomes quite difficult to manage them. ISPmanager makes this job easier.

Configuring backups
Configuring backups

Some like the quality of backups. Apparently, those who have ever had problems with data loss make note of the native convenience of restoring from backups.

Many clients mention monitoring. When a web studio has many websites to administer, monitoring is critical.

I think that such a wide variety of answers to the question of what one likes best about the panel is indicative of the quality of the product. If everyone said: “This is good, but we do not really use that," that would be self-evident, too. However, when different users point out different aspects, it is a positive factor.

The panel suits both inexperienced and advanced users

We always try to run custdevs and focus on user requests.

ISPmanager simplifies the work for many people, because you no longer need to type long commands into the console or have deep knowledge to run and administer the website.

Nowadays, virtual capacity is ordered not only by system administrators, but also by a wide variety of users. For example, accountants deploy 1C with us independently. This is not rocket science anymore - you do not have to sit through thick Linux textbooks to deploy an Apache web server. Thanks to the graphical interface, all this is done in a few clicks on the boxes. When the service is in Russian, it is even more convenient.

Advanced admins with more complex projects first of all note the convenience of monitoring all running resources thanks to the built-in tools in ISPmanager: backups, database administration.