12 July 2017 Reading time: 1 minute

Developing a new version of ISPmanager have been started


We are developing a prototype for a new ISPmanager now. Its Alfa testing is scheduled for 2018.


UPD: Our new website and server control panel differs so much from old pal ISPmanager that we decided to entitle it with a new name — Vepp. Meet the new interface, new architecture, new distribution model, and pricing.

 Learn more about Vepp and try it for free.



Please take a short user survey

Your feedback can affect a new product development process. Take the survey and tell us what you like about ISPmanager and what you hate in it. Please find the survey link through the panel dashboard. You can also send us your feedback as an open email to feedback@ispsystem.com.

What will be changed

We plan to modify both the logic of ISPmanager and its interface. The working zones for managing a website and a web-server will be divided. One of the top priorities for our developers is to make an upgrade process to ISPmanager 6 as simple and smooth as it can be. Pricing will stay the same.


Hope to hear your feedback soon!

Best regards,
ISPsystem team