16 May 2018

How to activate ISPsystem licenses and troubleshoot activation issues

This article describes how to install our control panels, activate software licenses, and resolve activation issues.

How to start:
Common issues:

How to install a control panel

To install ISPsystem software products, you need to obtain a license. It can be paid or free. A free license allows you to evaluate the functionality of a control panel. Free versions are provided only for a certain period or can be limited by the number of clients/servers/resources. Paid licenses differ by licensing periods.
Before you start, install the panel and activate the license. We recommend that you install our panels on a freshly-installed operating system. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer care department for further assistance.

How to activate a paid license

After you purchase and install the panel, you will need to activate the license. There are two ways to activate your license.

With an IP-address

A paid license will be activated automatically without activation key provided that the following requirements are met:
  1. your server has public IP-address,
  2. the IP-address matches the one you specified when ordering the license.
License order form where you need to enter the server IP-address

With an activation key

You may need to activate your license with an activation key in one of the following cases:
  1. the server network interface doesn’t have public IP-address (the server is behind the NAT),
  2. if your server’s IP-address does not match the IP-address on your license,
  3. you didn’t provide an IP-address during the order process.
How to obtain an activation key. The system generates an activation key when you are ordering the license. You can find it in the license edit form in your Client area or in the License activation email.
You can find the activation key in the license order email
The key can be used only once. If you need to activate the license again, you need to obtain a new activation key. You can do it yourself once a month in your Client area, or ask your service provider to generate it for you.

Note: to be able to activate the license with the key, make sure that the licensing server 86.license5.ispsystem.com is accessible on port 80 from the server where the control panel is installed.

To activate your license with the key, complete the following steps:
  1. open the web-interface and select “Activate the existing license” .
  2. enter your key into the “Activation key” field.
Web-interface of a panel

How to activate a free license

To activate a free version of the control panel, run the installation script on a freshly-installed operating system. After you have installed the panel, open the web-interface and select "Get a trial license" .
Web-interface of a panel
Enter the login and password from your ISPsystem Client area. If you don’t have an account, enter a new username and password, and the system will register an account for you automatically. You will receive the Registration notification and the email with your activation key. Enter the key into the license activation form.

Common issues

№1. Cannot receive the activation email

If you didn’t’ receive the activation email.
  1. Make sure that the license has been created in your Client area. You can find the activation key on the license edit form.
  2. Contact our Customer care department via the Live-chat at our web-site or send a ticket in the Support center.
Activation key in ISPsystem client area

№2. Cannot activate the paid license

The license activation error can occur during the setup process or when you already use the panel.
During the installation process. The installation script returned the error: You have no commercial license for or it can't be activated automatically, This means that it could not define the license for your server.
When you already work with the panel. Once in 24 hours the licensing server verifies licenses on clients’ servers. If the check fails, you will see the activation window instead of the login form.

Solution: make sure the following settings are correct:

  1. your server’s IP-address matches the IP address on your license;
  2. the licensing server 86.license5.ispsystem.com is accessible on port 80 from the server where your control panel is installed;
  3. the port that ihttpd listens (1500 by default) is accessible from the outside. I.e. your server must accept incoming connections to license_IP_address:1500 to be able to receive the license information;
  4. your server time should not be 1-hour ahead or behind the licensing server time.

№3. Cannot activate the lifetime license

Every Lifetime license for any ISPsystem software product includes one year of free updates. After one year, updates can be obtained with a yearly subscription. Although updating your Lifetime license is not a requirement, as your control panel will continue working as is, we strongly recommend keeping your version current. For more information, please refer to this article.
There are two common activation issues with lifetime licenses:
  1. you purchased a license without the Updates package from an unfair reseller,
  2. you installed the version which is not included into your updates package.

Execute the following command to know your panel version:

- rpm -qa |grep coremanager (CentOS)

dpkg -l |grep coremanager (Debian)

Solution 1: purchase an updates package.

We don’t recommend that you use outdated software, as it may contain vulnerabilities. You should purchase the Updates package and update your control panel to the latest version.

Solution 2: install the last version available for your license.

Without updates you can install an older version of a product available for your license. Run the installation script with the --release 5.50 parameter, where 5.50 is the lastest available version. You can find all the versions of ISPsystem products on the changelog page at our web-site.

№4. Cannot activate trial ISPmanager

The “Get a trial license” option is not displayed on the activation form. This means that a trial license has been already activated for that IP address on your server.

Cause of the issue. Hosting providers can offer the same servers to different clients. Clients order them on different periods: from 1 day to several years. If you purchased a server which has been already licensed, you won’t be able to activate the trial version. According to ISPsystem policy, ISPmanager trial can be obtained on a certain IP-address only once

Solution - contact our Customer care department. We will reset the IP history so that you can activate ISPmanager trial on your server. Next, complete the following steps:
  1. delete the license file from the server: rm /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.lic
  2. download the file: /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr
  3. open the control panel web-interface https://:1500/ispmgr
Select ”Get a trial license” and complete the activation procedure.

If nothing helps you

Unfortunately, sometimes you may experience rare issues that we don’t describe in this article. If nothing has helped activate your license, please contact our Customer service:
  1. via the Live-chat at our web-site,
  2. submit a ticket from your Client area.
You can also take advantage of our community forum.