15 February 2021 Reading time: 1 minute

LXD virtualization in VMmanager is now available with Switching network configuration


Now you can now create LXD containers in VMmanager on clusters with the Switching network configuration type. Previously, this was only possible for clusters with the IP fabric configuration.

What is LXD virtualization?

LXD is a virtualization technology by Canonical. It allows you to create fast and lightweight containers. The technology is comparable to hardware virtualization in terms of security.

To the user, LXD containers function as full-fledged virtual machines with Linux OS.

What we recommend using LXD for

  • To provide hosting services: high virtualization density allows economical use of hardware resources and higher utilization.
  • As an alternative to OVZ: containers are isolated and more secure than OVZ.
  • For any task where Linux is used.

We tested LXD virtualization for density and speed. To do this, we deployed containers with WordPress websites on a dedicated server. Read about the results in Testing KVM and LXD technologies.

How to try LXD in VMmanager?

If you have VMmanager 6 installed, prepare an empty node with Ubuntu 20.04 and a ZFS pool. Read more about configuring LXD in the documentation.

Alternatively, order a demonstration of VMmanager to learn about its features.