02 August 2021 Reading time: 3 minutes

ISPsystem expands its distribution network: a new partner - OCS Distribution

ISPsystem expands its distribution network: a new partner - OCS Distribution



ISPsystem, a developer of platforms for integrated IT infrastructure management, and OCS, Russia's leading IT project distributor, have announced the launch of cooperation. ISPsystem products will allow OCS partners to offer their customers simplified cloud and physical infrastructure management, increased revenue through the efficient use of physical hardware, as well as a method to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

OCS Distribution partners will now have access to two platforms: DCImanager - for inventorying and management of the physical infrastructure, and VMmanager - for managing virtual resources.

DCImanager manages geographically distributed equipment, plans its deployment and helps maintain records throughout the life cycle of an IT asset, monitors the status of all important elements and systems, and warns of potential problems. The product is compatible with equipment by the most popular manufacturers and allows you to manage racks, servers, network equipment, power supply, physical and virtual networks in a single interface. DCImanager replaces several tools, allowing you to reduce your IT costs. It is easy to manage, uses flexible control over all resources, and automates business processes.

VMmanager allows you to deploy a virtual infrastructure based on QEMU/KVM and LXD/LXC containerization. The solution monitors the state of resources and reports errors to the administrator. It has built-in integration with Grafana, a tool for visualizing metrics. VMmanager also provides tools for backing up virtual machines and the platform itself, which ensures overall system fault tolerance. The solution supports Ceph distributed storage and High Availability, automates service provisioning to customers as SaaS, and enables the end user to manage virtual networks independently of the physical network (SDN).

ISPsystem products are included in the Register of Domestic Software and meet all requirements for import substitution. The company's solutions receive regular updates, are provided with round-the-clock Russian and English support, have a user-friendly and understandable interface, while the microservice architecture allows them to cope with the load of tens of thousands of pieces of equipment.

“Joining the OCS partner network is very important for our company. This allows us as a vendor to be more focused on product development and quality improvement of technical support services and customer service, since the distributor takes care of the processing and documentary support of the projects and marketing promotion through the partner network. Thus, we not only improve the quality of service for our customers and make the process of purchasing and using our products as convenient as possible for them, but also, in turn, receive timely feedback from key market players. This allows us to be at the peak of technological relevance and increase our adaptability to the needs of partners and customers”, — believes Kristina Petrunina, Commercial Director of ISPsystem.

Support and promotion of DCImanager and VMmanager in OCS is provided by the Information Security and Software Department. The distributor's product experts and technical specialists are prepared to give consultations, conduct demonstrations and assemble complex solutions for integrators and their customers interested in domestic products and developing within the framework of import substitution policies.