18 April 2017

Scan your website for viruses with free Virusdie module for ISPmanager



We are happy to introduce free Virusdie for ISPmanager. The trial version of this solution is able to check security of your website and helps avoid potential failures. The module can also scan the server for viruses and create a report on the infected files.


Why it is so important to scan your website for viruses

Web servers can be exposed to viruses just like standard home PCs: trojans, redirects, malicious code in system files, just to name a few. By using them, hackers can steal credit card numbers or content, block websites of their competitors, or redirect traffic to the online casino.

07 April 2017

Top news. 2017

At the end of March we introduced the new ISPsystem client area. It`s based on BILLmanager 6. We are pleased to invite all of our clients to authorize and test the brand-new interface.



05 April 2017

How to update your kernel without reboots

Let us introduce the module for integration of KernelCare with ISPmanager Lite. KernelCare makes it possible to check for kernel updates automatically, and download and install patches, if required, without rebooting the server.

Why is it so important?

28 March 2017

Meet new BILLmanager 6

We are busy with the last preparations for launching BILLmanager 6 and will be ready to announce it at the third quarter of 2017. Today you can try out our new re-designed user interface. Log in to ISPsystem Client area to evaluate the user interface of the 6th generation. We’ll give you a brief description of the improvements to come.

20 March 2017

New integration: Microsoft Azure Pack

On March 16, 2017 we released BILLmanager with integration with Microsoft Azure Pack for all users. Azure Pack is well-known as a stable, robust, and affordable solution for operations with servers and data centers based on Windows Server.

BILLmanager automates operations with clients, provisioning of resources, payment processing, suspension and prolongation of services, etc. On the other side, Azure Pack allows selling virtual data centers and cloud services by your the in-house server resources. Integration of the two solutions maximizes and streamlines performance of the IT infrastructure.