14 December 2016 Reading time: 1 minute

Get 10% discount on any SSL you choose


Starting from 2017 Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will mark all the websites without HTTPS connections as “unsecure”. An address bar will have a following look:

However Firefox browser will go even further – it will completely block the access to the “unsecure” websites. Along with this innovation we can forecast a decrease of audience engagement, website credit and overall worsening of a website rating in searching systems of Google, Yahoo and others. 

In a modern word of rapidly changing technologies internet users face more and more factors that can undermine their security. So today we see that the whole internet industry pays a special attention to this issue and most likely this tendency will be continued. 


In ISPsystem we decided to give our clients a small present for coming Christmas and New Year – enter a promo code HappySSL2017 and get 10% discount on any SSL you choose. This offer is valid till December the 31st. You can order here.

Also we’d like to remind you that the users of our ISPmanager control panel are able to install a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt and set up an automatic renew for it.