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How to configure backups with VMmanger

About backup options and new tariffs, which are now available to hosting providers

Saving the time of technical service

How RackStore is using VMmanager to provide VDS services to its clients

Now VMmanager supports Windows activation using KMS server

See the description of how to configure licensing below

Analyzing the user activity graph

How to analyze user behavior in a product using the Retentioneering library

ISPmanager Lite now supports Ubuntu 20

Telling more about new version and giving an instruction how to update

Monitoring in VMmanager. Measuring means controlling

How a service in VMmanager replaces tools for statistics, monitoring and notifications

Debian 8 is no longer supported for ISPmanager and BILLmanager

We will tell why using CentOS 6 after end of lifetime is dangerous and how to reduce the risks

Lazy translations loading from Angular

FE Developer Kirill Shushkovskii is telling how to make translations load faster in large projects

ISPmanager released in updated design

We have made ISPmanager simpler and more understandable while keeping the usual layout of functions