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30 June 2014 г.
We help you upgrade to ISPmanager 5 Lite

When launching new software products, we strive to help our clients with their implementation. Many our clients already use ISPmanager 5 Lite and enjoy the functionality it brings.

If you are still using the old version of our software product and cannot upgrade the server yourself, we are ready to facilitate upgrading from ISPmanager 4 Lite into ISPmanager 5 Lite, as well as find and resolve various problems on your server.

Everyone knows that old versions of software products are no longer updated and fixed.

When did you perform the last security audit for your server? Are you sure that your server meets modern requirements?

To help you avoid such unfortunate situations, we are ready to perform audit of your server, update the operating system and software.

Each case and its cost are discussed individually with our Technical support department. Our specialists will do their best to make your server meet all modern requirements.

Think of your server security! Write to us now from your BILLmanager member area or to sales@ispsystem.com

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