Payment methods

There are a number of payment methods that you can use to pay for software products and services from our company.
You can choose the one that is most convenient to you.
Learn more information on how to get your software license and ask for a refund.

Wire transfer

Funds are credited within 2 — 5 days
No commission

Both companies and individuals can use this payment method.

To make a payment, go to the section Billing -> "Payments" and click the "Add" button.

If you want to add a new payer, you can do that when making a new payment.

You can view and print the invoice, when needed. Simply selected the newly created payment and click the "Print" button.

Please note that funds are not credited immediately. It may take up to 2 - 5 days. If needed, you can send us a copy of the payment receipt and we will credit your funds at once:

  • log in to BILLmanager -- go to the section "Support" -> "Tickets" (submit a ticket to the Sales department)
  • send it to

Credit cards

Funds are credited immediately
No commission

Credit card payments are processed by, an online payment processing service that helps merchants accept credit cards, PayPal and debit cards. Your sensitive data such as registration information, credit card details, etc. are processed by the payment system. Therefore, no one, even the merchant, can get client’s personal and bank information, including his previous purchases made in other online shops. If you want to pay by a credit card, provide the following information:

  • select a payment system (Visa, MasterCard);
  • enter the 16-digit credit card number;
  • enter the CVC / CVV number that is specified on the opposite side of the card;
  • the first and last name of the card holder (as it appears on your credit card);
  • the expiration date of your card;
  • CVC/CVV number is the 3-digit code on the reverse side of your credit card.


Funds are credited immediately
No commission

PayPal is the most popular payment system in the world. To create a PayPal account, you will need a credit card.

To add funds to your account in the Client area, complete the following steps:

  • Log into BILLmanager and go to the section Billing -> Payments and click the "New" button to generate a new invocie. Follow the steps to complete the payment.
  • You will be automatically redirected to the PayPal official web-site where you can complete your payment.

How to get a software license or ask for a refund

A software license is activated immediately after you complete and pay for your order.

If you entered a public IP address when ordering the license, it will get activated automatically during the installation process.

If you didn’t provide any IP address during the order, or if your server is running behind the NAT, a software license will be activated with a key. The activation key is downloaded automatically after the software is installed on your server. Please refer to the article "Installation guide" for more information on how to install a software product.

You can use a trial license before buying a commercial one to make sure that the software meets your needs. ISPmanager comes with a free 2-week trial license. The trial version of VMmanager and DCImanager is available for 30 days. The trial version of BILLmanager is limited by 50 active clients.
If you added funds to your account with us but did not use all the funds for purchasing our software solutions or services, then you can get the unused funds back. Simply request a refund for the remaining funds and we will provide it via the same payment method you used to credit your account.