Create and sell virtual data centers

Windows Azure Pack is a stable and affordable solution for data center virtualization based on Windows Server. It allows creating virtual data centers and cloud services by using the in-house server resources.

Azure Pack integration can be interesting for IaaS projects. With this module, such projects can provide entire virtual data centers. BILLmanager integrated with Windows Azure Pack can automate customer relations, provisioning, payment processing, service suspension and prolongation, etc. This way it maximizes automation and simplifies operation of IT infrastructure.


The module has been developed to automate sales of virtual data centers (VDC) to end customers. With access to their VDC, your clients will be able to manage their virtual infrastructure from Azure Pack control panel. Integration between Azure Pack and BILLmanager maximizes automation and simplifies operation of IT infrastructure. Just compare:

Provider can:
  1. automate invoice raising based on actual resource usage;
  2. create and edit VDC parameters;
  3. resell virtual machines and VDC through resellers;
  4. Set up flexible tariff plans for clients and resellers (Subscription/Reservation pool or Pay-as-you-go).
Customer can:
  1. create and delete virtual machines;
  2. enable, disable or reboot virtual machines and pay only for the active ones;
  3. connect to virtual machine by using web console;
  4. edit CPU number and RAM.


Integration will work for BILLmanager Corporate 5.92.0 or higher. You also need a server based on Windows Server 2012 located in “grey” network of Windows Azure Pack.

Step 1.

  • Register/log in your Account area.
  • Choose “All services”→ “ISPsystem modules” → “BILLmanager” → “Windows Azure Pack integration module”.
  • Specify the ID of your BILLmanager to attach the module.
  • Choose the version for up to 10 virtual data centers to test the product, or specify the limit you need.

Step 2

Integration of BILLmanager 5 with Microsoft Windows Azure Pack can be done in Integration modules -> Add -> Virtual data-center -> Microsoft Windows Azure Pack. Read more in our documentation.