BILLmanager is designed to sell SaaS/PaaS/IaaS services automatically. It has a bevy of integrations, and the list is constantly updated.

  • DDoS protection
  • Backup services
  • Website builders
  • Virtual workspaces
  • Cloud storages
  • Communication apps
  • Virtual data centers
  • CRM
  • VoIP
  • Microsoft applications

Built-in IaaS integrations

  • VDC based on Linux or Windows Server
  • virtual machine management in BILLmanager
  • flexible settings for VDC reselling
  • access to virtual machines for clients
  • selling and reselling VDC as IaaS model

If you haven’t found the desired integration in the list, don’t worry. Simply ask us to develop it. We have a lot of experience in developing integrations with over 150 modules already created throughout all ISPsystem products. Another option is to ask one of our technological partners to develop integration. Finally, you can create integration on your own by using the open API and BILLmanager SDK.