Client support is a mandatory task for any provider. If your customers can’t find the information they need in documentation or FAQ, they can discuss their issues through the built-in ticket system and online chat.


Built-in-live-chat module


In BILLmanager, you can install the online chat for free. Once a visitor of your website drops a message there, your team will see it and answer him right from their personal working space. The chat mechanisms will save the history of communications with clients and their contacts.

The module allows:
  • Create draft responses;
  • Talk with website visitors on behalf of your real employees;
  • Recognize existing clients right from the chat window;
  • Save dialogues as tickets for further communication, etc.

Configuration instructions.


Ticket System


Apart from the online chat, a client can ask a question through a ticket. When creating the ticket users specify a subject, detailed description of their issues and the services affected by it. It’s also possible to choose the responsible department and attach screenshots, log files, or other useful information.

Every response of your employees may be evaluated by clients for a better analyze of support team performance. A ticket marked as Resolved goes to the archive but it may be opened again if needed anytime.

You can also offer paid support. It is possible to charge money for every single ticket or sell them in a bundle.