Sell virtual data centers easily

VMware vCloud Director is an additional infrastructure application based on VMware vSphere. It allows working with clouds: you can create, sell or manage cloud as IaaS.This module can be used by IaaS providers who utilize VMware virtualization platform.

Integration module grants access to all standard features of VMware vCloud Director directly from BILLmanager interface. Owing to this, providers can manage and sell VDC easily, while their customers are able to do pretty much anything with their virtual machine in their account area.


Provider and its customers don’t need to work with the complicated interface of vCloud Director anymore. The key operations can be performed from the intuitive interface of BILLmanager. Furthermore, the information about status of virtual data center and its components is synchronized between BILLmanager and vCloud Director.Fine tuning can be done in VMware vCloud Director.

Provider can:
  1. Automate invoice raising based on actual resource usage;
  2. Create and edit VDC parameters;
  3. Create and edit parameters of virtual machines inside virtual data centers;
  4. Resell VDC through resellers;
  5. Set up flexible tariff plans for clients and resellers (Subscription/Reservation pool or Pay-as-you-go).
Customer can:
  1. Create and delete virtual machines;
  2. Enable and disable virtual machines and pay only for the active ones;
  3. Connect to virtual machine by using web console;
  4. Edit CPU number and RAM.

Success stories

DataLine was the first who tried out VMware vCloud Director integration for its CloudLITE project. This is an IaaS service allowing to deploy virtual data centers automatically and create virtual machines with any OS and any configuration. During start-up, the project has faced a few issues which were successfully resolved with the help of BILLmanager 5 and its integration with VMware vCloud Director.

Issue №1

You cannot manage VPS from billing; you can only do it via vCloud Director. Its interface is too heavy for end users. Furthermore, most of the customers don’t need the possibility of fine tuning, so the draft template would be enough.


Users can add, delete, enable/disable and reboot virtual machines, set up backups, and purchase Windows Server licenses in the easy-to-use BILLmanager interface. Fine tuning with ISOs, VM templates, import and export can be performed in vCloud Director.

Issue №2

No flexible service tarification. 100% month prepayment is required. Daily charge off is not applicable. If there are no funds on the balance, the service gets blocked.


The minimal billing period is one day. The account balance is to have enough funds at least to cover the current day. This is very useful for those who need resources for a few days only.

Issue №3

Customers have to create their own configurations by using service calculator. However, most of them don’t need this flexibility. They need standard kits of parameters.


CloudLITE have developed fixed tariff plans of 4 categories - 12 plans in total. However, you can also tune specific parameters inside each tariff plan. If a user wants to increase disk space/RAM/CPU, he/she can do it without the necessity to upgrade to the higher plan.

Issue №4

Customers cannot change the payment account on their own and e.g. switch from private individual to legal entity. Oftentimes, companies test CloudLITE as individuals first to optimize their expenses.


Now, users can change the payment account on their own prior to each payment, if needed.

Reselling of virtual data centers

Starting from v.5.102.0, it allows for VDC reselling between BILLmanager Corporate platforms. Providers can raise their sales further by using this tool and set up flexible terms, conditions, and prices for their resellers.

Resellers will value the quick and easy start. They won’t need to have their own infrastructure with VMware vSphere deployed, while BILLmanager allows to add up to 50 customers for free. When this threshold is passed, you can just click on Upgrade button to switch to the unlimited commercial version. Resellers can provide access to main VDC parameters to their end clients right from BILLmanager interface.

In order to set up reselling, please have a look at BILLmanager documentation and the article about the module.


Integration will work for BILLmanager Corporate and vCloud Director v5.6 or higher.

Step 1.

  • Register/log in your Account area.
  • Choose “All Services” → “ISPsystem modules” → “BILLmanager” → “VMware vCloud Director integration module”.
  • Specify the ID of your BILLmanager to attach the module.

Step 2.

Starting from BILLmanager 5.55.0, installation is automatic if the new processing module had been created in “Integration modules” → “Add” → “Virtual data-center” → “VMware vCloud Director”. Read more in our documentation.