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BILLmanager installation

Make sure that your server matches the system requirements before installation of BILLmanager. Contact us in case of any difficulties.

System requirements

x64 (amd64)
At least 2GB RAM and 50GB HDD.

Operating system: CentOS 7

Explore the installation guide

Help and support

Knowledgebase Our knowledge base includes answers for the most frequent questions faced by ISPsystem clients and partners.

Help center The support team is ready to help 24/7. We also listed helpful articles and guides for you to follow. This is the place to look for the answers.

IaaS selling and reselling with BILLmanager Corporate

There are extension modules for selling virtual data-centers with BILLmanager Corporate.

VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director is an additional infrastructure application based on VMware vSphere. It allows working with clouds: you can create, sell or manage cloud as IaaS. Learn more.

Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack is a stable and affordable solution for data center virtualization based on Windows Server. It allows creating virtual data centers and cloud services by using the in-house server resources. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions

BILLmanager is available for free enabling you to get started with a control panel without any time limitations. The only limit - you can add and manage only 50 client accounts. If your busienss grows, and you want to acquire a paid license, you do not need to order a new license and adjust your system once more. It is possible to prolong your current free version to the period required. Follow the "Activate" link in the upper right of your BILLmanager web-interfaces. Choose a licensing period and make a payment. As soon as the payment is through, your license will be activated for the chosen period.
If you have a trial license or a license purchased from one of our partners, you will not be able to have free support from our technical team. However, you can always order paid support from our specialists. Go to the “Products/Services” section – “Paid Technical Support” in your client area, choose “Support ISPsystem” and click on the “Edit” button. In the “Incident” field select the required number of tickets you want to send to our Technical Support Department. For more detailed information about ISPsystem technical support please refer to this section.
You can change IP-address in the section “Products/Services” – “ISPsystem licenses” in your client area. Choose the license and click on the button “Edit”. Edit parameters in the field "IP-address". You can change IP-address only once per month under certain circumstances. If you have a 5th generation product, the IP-address is an auxiliary parameter.

First of all, you need to change the license type. Go to the “Products/Services” section – “ISPsystem licenses” in your client area, choose the license and click on the “Change tariff" button. Change the type of the license and save.

The next step will be:

  • If you purchase a one-month license, your license period will be reduced in proportion to the price difference.
  • If you use a Lifetime Advanced version and decide to upgrade it to Corporate, you need to pay the price difference between the two licenses.