DCImanager 6 is a new control panel for managing servers, racks, and data center equipment – routers, switches, sensors, power distribution units, and other devices.


New DCImanager demonstrates better fail-over protection when it manages a large number of devices, improved support of multi-locations of data centers, new features such as enhanced statistics, colocation, pro-active monitoring, new notifications system, and advanced network management system.


Learn more about the concept and plans in this article.

Features already available in the Live demo of DCImanager 6

Automatic OS deployment Templates CentOS 6-7, Debian 8-9-10, Ubuntu 14-16-18

Switch management Polling, enabling/disabling ports, speed and operation mode

Server management via IPMI In public network (management via proxy is under development)

IP address management Support of physical networks and IP address pools

Racks management Monitor the number of servers in cabinets and racks

Location management Configure locations and select OS templates for them

Explore DCImanager features in our pre-configured Live demo

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Product launch plans

Beginning of Q4 2019

DCImanager 6 Beta that you can download and test on your equipment

  • + Equipment diagnostics
  • + PDU and port management

Beginning of Q1 2020

DCImanager 6 Stable that you can buy and use in Production

  • + Integration with billing systems
  • + Installation of Windows operating systems
  • + Server statistics
  • + Notifications system

DCImanager 6 Prices

One license per account. Its price depends on the number of devices. A device is any data center equipment except for sensors.

Trial version

It has the same settings and functions as the full version except for the following limitations:


  • — valid for 30 days
  • — 1 license per account

Full version

Equipment package


If you have more devices please write to our Live chat and we will calculate the price.

per month

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Natalia Trifonova, product manager of DCImanager

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