Download free version

The free version allows you to create and manage 5 dedicated servers and has no other feature or time limitations.

The free version of a software product is an ideal solution for getting started with a panel or if you generally don't have large volumes.

You can obtain a free version during installation. Simply download and run the installation script, and the free version will get activated automatically. When you'll be ready to buy the license, panel just keeps on running without reinstallation.

How to download and install DCImanager

  1. We recommend that you download the installation script directly to your server where the software product will be installed. Connect to your server via SSH and execute the commands below:

    wget ""
  2. Run the installation script:

    sh DCImanager
  3. Follow the Installation Wizard steps and refer to our Documentation, if needed.

For more information on how to install the panel, please refer to our Documentation

System requirements

Hardware requirements

We recommend to install DCImanager on a clean x64 (amd64) platforms with minimum 2Gb RAM и 120Gb HDD

Supported OS

CentOS 7