DCImanager Pricing

One license per account. The price depends on the number of devices. A device is any piece of equipment except for sensors. The more devices you buy, the lower price on each one you get.

Trial version

It has the same settings and functions as the full version except for the following limitations:


— Valid for 30 days
— By default, it includes 100 devices package (can be expanded to any value for free in your account)

Full version

Equipment package


More than 1000 devices? Send request to business development team to get special offer

per month

Try DCImanager using pre-configured online demo

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How to install DCImanager

Before you start, make sure your server meets the minimum system requirements. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

System requirements

We recommend using server with 8 core and 3 GHz CPU, 16 Gb of RAM and 500 Gb of disc space.

Install the panel on a fresh installation of the CentOS 7 x64 operating system without third-party repositories and additional services.

Explore the installation guide

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