Guaranteed security against DDoS attacks

Protect your website against DDoS attacks

The goal of any DDoS attack is to take the website or infrastructure out of operation. E-commerce, banks, government services, and mass media are among the most attacked organizations. Hackers can send a bevy of requests to target server from different places. As a result, the server can finally yield and fail, making the website unavailable for clients.

It is very difficult to repel DDoS attacks on your own. We recommend using DDoS-GUARD module for ISPmanager. It can protect against 99,5% of all attacks, so you don’t have to bother about potential criminals, unfair competitors, or lost money.

Who can be affected

DDoS-GUARD release global DDoS statistics every quarter. The most attacked countries are China, USA and Russia. They accumulate around 88% of all attacks. China is the traditional #1 in this ranking, as it hosts a lot of cheap dedicated servers for projects around the world.

Areas that are normally attacked are e-commerce, game projects, and hosting providers.

Why it is important to protect your website

All online operations are crucial for any company. Clients, partners, and even employees need stable access to products and services, therefore, it is very important to avoid outages caused by DDoS attacks. Such outages may result in serious problems for any business.

First, if customers were trying to make payments or enter the website during the attack, the company would lose money. Oftentimes, hackers claim money to stop the DDoS attack. Second, any attack brings reputation losses. Clients will definitely be unhappy to see your website down. Further public disclosures in the Internet might deter potential customers who might fancy that attacks will result in leaked personal data and credit card numbers. Furthermore, such attacks might influence operation of other systems, e.g. attack on internal bank systems might also put its ATMs out of service.

Complexity and power of DDoS attacks go up every year. It means that it becomes more and more difficult to protect and recover from them. This is why it is so important to use the services that are capable to identify the attack and clean up the consequences.

Why we recommend DDos-GUARD

DDoS-GUARD is the provider of protection against DDoS attacks. It provides Security as a Service. You don’t have to buy equipment or software and hire specialists who would work with it. These charges are taken by the provider.

In order to comply with the latest security requirements, DDoS-GUARD improves its filter algorithms constantly by using the modern software and upgrading their equipment. DDoS-GUARD has its own infrastructure of filtering servers around the globe: USA, Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, and Russia. It allows them to handle a lot of traffic every day and deal with standard and non-standard attacks. DDoS-GUARD guarantees SLA of 99.5%.

The important feature of DDoS-GUARD is its price of 9,5 EUR per month for its great functionality. Normally, DDoS protection costs 50-200% more or falls in functionality. For example, a lot of providers from the same price tier offer the limited traffic, with 2-3 times lower bandwidth. DDoS-GUARD provide the unlimited traffic, which means that you only pay for the white traffic regardless the power of attacks. For instance, the power of 1.5 Tb/sec. is 330 times higher than the average power of attacks today (4.5 Gb/sec. for Q1 2017, according to DDos-GUARD).

DDoS-GUARD has been reviewed positively by independent experts. HostAdvice has already granted the Badge of excellence to DDoS-GUARD twice. Anti-Malware, the analytical center for cyber security, has certified DDoS-GUARD remote website protection up to 2022.

DDoS-GUARD features

DDOS-GUARD module for ISPmanager can protect a website against the so-called HTTP(S) flood. This flood supposes a lot of requests sent to the server. In consequence of such requests, the server goes down. Such attacks are difficult to identify as they look similar to standard good web traffic.

DDoS-GUARD uses Reverse Proxy technology to protect websites.

Such proxy server redirects requests of all clients from external network to servers located in internal network. After that, traffic goes through DDoS-GUARD system which analyzes it and detects any suspicious activity. If the server is attacked, DDoS-GUARD will surely and swiftly repel the attack.

What is included in the price

DDoS-GUARD costs 9,5 euros per month. This price plan has the following parameters:

  • Daily website traffic is not more than 30000 visitors.
  • Protection for 1 domain.
  • Content caching.
  • Protection up to 1.5 Tb/sec. or 120 Mpps (million packets per second). For example, 1.5 Tb/sec. is 330 times higher than the average power of attacks today which is about 4.5 Gb/sec. for Q1 2017, according to DDoS-GUARD.
  • Dedicated IP-address.
  • HTTPS filtering can be added on request.
  • 24/7 DDoS-GUARD technical support.

How to purchase DDoS-GUARD

You can purchase DDos-GUARD directly from ISPmanager::
  1. Open ISPmanager.
  2. Go to “Integration” → “Modules”.
  3. Find DDoS-GUARD and click the “Buy” button.
  4. Enter login and password of your account area (BILLmanager) and click “OK”.
  5. Choose a payment method and click the “Pay” button.
  6. Return to ISPmanager. As root user go to “Integrations" → "Modules" and push "Install" button (if there is no such button, reload the page).
Or from your account area at
  1. Go to “All services” → “ISPsystem modules” in your account area.
  2. Choose Virusdie and click “Buy”.
  3. Enter ISPmanager license ID. You can find it in your ISPmanager in “Help” → “About program”.
  4. Activate auto renewal if needed.
  5. Choose a payment method and proceed to payment.
  6. Return to ISPmanager. As root user go to “Integrations" → "Modules" and push "Install" button (if there is no such button, reload the page).

For providers

With DDoS-GUARD, you can provide the higher added value for those customers who seek maximum website stability. Such customers will value the ease of installation right from the control panel, as well as the affordable price. In order to set up reselling in your billing system, please reach out to us at