Kernel update with KernelCare

Update a kernel without reboots

KernelCare automatically checks if there are any kernel updates available, downloads it and installs if necessary. You won’t have a downtime since it’s not necessary to reboot a server. KernelCare allows you to forget about complicated server reboot schedule, nighttime updates and terrifying vulnerabilities.

Even if you don’t have high skills in server administration you can still install KernelCare module for ISPmanager in a few clicks.

Why are updates so important

New bugs, errors and vulnerabilities are discovered every day so software developers have to release new patches that will fix it and bring new features. However updating a kernel usually requires server reboot what means some downtime. There are many projects where even a short downtime will lead to a massive loss of incomes and damage to company’s reputation.

Some admins prefer to reboot a server during the nighttime when the activity level of a server is low and risks are minimal. Other ones update their software just a few times a year undermining a server’s security.

However there is a better way - update a kernel with KernelCare. It will automatically bring you the latest security patches right after it were released. And the best part is that it won’t require a server reboot meaning you’ll be safe from vulnerabilities without a downtime.

KernelCare features

KernelCare is a software from CloundLinux developers. They track the latest information about kernel vulnerabilities and official patches that fix it. KernelCare at your server connects the main patch distribution center, download the patches and install it.

With KernelCare you:

Raise security level and boost productivity of your server.

Every four hours KernelCare checks for new patches, updates kernel without reboots and service suspension.

Improve a client service.

Now you don’t need to choose the lowest activity time and inform your clients about a reboot coming because it’s not required.

Avoid many risks.

You won’t miss any critical security patch being safe from vulnerabilities.

Reduce server administration costs.

Reduce server administration costs.

Installation requirements

KernelCare supports the most popular Linux-based OS: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat. Please note that a proper performance is only guaranteed for KVM servers. You’ll need ISPmanager Lite 5.99 and newer to install the module.

How to purchase and set-up KernelCare

You can purchase KernelCare directly from ISPmanager:
  1. Open ISPmanager.
  2. Go to “Integration” → “Modules”.
  3. Find KernelCare and click the “Buy” button.
  4. Enter login and password of your account area (BILLmanager) and click “OK”.
  5. Choose a payment method and click the “Pay” button.
  6. Return to ISPmanager. “Service is ready for use” will be shown if KernelCare had been ordered successfully. Then you would need to install the script on a server to start using KernelCare.
Or from your account area at
  1. Go to “All services” → “ISPsystem modules” in your account area.
  2. Choose KernelCare and click “Buy”.
  3. Enter ISPmanager license ID. You can find it in your ISPmanager in “Help” → “About program”.
  4. Activate auto renewal if needed.
  5. Choose a payment method and proceed to payment.
  6. Return to ISPmanager. “Service is ready for use” will be shown if KernelCare had been ordered successfully. Then you would need to install the script on a server to start using KernelCare.

KernelCare users

Over a 4000 companies worldwide use KernelCare for updating their kernels. A few examples:


Centos 6, 7, Cloudlinux 6, 7, Debian 7, 8. Please check an official website of KernelCare developers for complete list of supported kernels and released patches
In this case it will be defined and marked as “Unsupported Kernel”. Please note that if your kernel is unsupported, KernelCare won’t be able to do anything with it. In other words there won’t be any harm for your server, but you won’t get any value as well.
Yes. KernelCare updates only a kernel, however an OS itself and other applications should be updated separately.

For providers

Your clients expect to have a reliable and stable website and if you are not able to provide it, they may start looking for alternative hosting. KernelCare will bring you the latest and the most important patches and install it automatically without rebooting.

You may also receive an additional income if you offer KernelCare as an option to your VPS and dedicated servers. In order to configure reselling please contact for special pricing.