Softaculous auto-installer

Install and update web scripts for your website

Softaculous helps to install popular web scripts and CMS to your website. It also allows the scripts to be updated easily, saving website and database backups. You’ll manage these operations in a convenient interface similar to App Store and Google Play.

In order to launch a small online store, you’ll need to install several scripts: CRM, e-commerce application, web-analytics system, forum, survey app and other. You’ll have to find the latest version of every script, upload it to a server using FTP, install and configure databases. Softaculous automatically takes care of this process so you can save your time.

Softaculous library comprises more than 420 web scripts and 1100 PHP scenarios for installing on web-hosting, VPS or dedicated server. All the scripts are sorted according to its destination and rating. They are provided with detailed description so you can easily search for a script you need and compare results.

Why your website needs scripts

Web scripts turn a simple webpage into a fully-featured website: online-store, social network, forum, blog, music or video portal. They save your time and money as there is no need to write a code for multiple purposes or to pay a web-developer. Different scripts are able to fulfill a wide range of tasks.

  • You’ll need a content management system - CMS. Try WordPress or Joomla;
  • If you want to integrate a picture gallery to your website - enable Gallery or Piwigo;
  • A good way to to launch an online store is to install an e-commerce application, for example, PrestaShop or AbanteCart;
  • For starting a forum or an online bulletin board, try MyBB script or Simple Machines Forum;
  • Planning to create your very own social network, dating site or community? Take a closer look at Dolphin;
  • If you want to to organize and automate every facet of customer interaction and manage sales - a CRM system is what you need. YetiForce can be a good choice.

All the scripts mentioned above along with 420 other scripts can be found, installed and configured using Softaculous.

Opportunities and benefits of Softaculous

Fast updating

Using Softaculous, you save your time on both installing and updating web scripts. Don’t waste your time checking a script developer website for a new release, Softaculous will inform you about it and install upon request. Before installing the update you’ll be offered to save backups for your website and databases.

Demo versions support

The most of paid apps available in Softaculous can be tested before purchasing. Install the app you like and make sure you need it.

Review and rating for web scripts

Every script in Softaculous library has detailed description and its own rating. You can use this information to make the best choice for your website. Script rating is created by 5 million Softaculous users community.


Even if you’ve installed webscripts manually or used other installers - you can still import it to Softaculous for more convenient management.

Softaculous is available in two versions: Free и Premium. A free version is designed for beginners and accounts for 59 scripts. It allows users to evaluate an interface of the application and its convenience

Softaculous Premium-license includes all the scripts and PHP scenarios available. The price is just 1 euro per month, while the first month is free.

How to install Softaculous

  1. Launch ISPmanager.
  2. Make sure that at least one of your domains supports SSL and has PHP posix and ionCube Loader extensions enabled.
  3. Go to “Integrations” → "Modules" and follow one of the scenarios below:

Option 1. If you want to buy Premium version:

  • Press “Buy”.
  • Enter your login and password for BILLmanager account and press "Оk".
  • Choose a payment method and proceed to payment.
  • Go back to ISPmanager. If the service was enabled successfully, you’ll see “Service is ready for using” notification. All you need now is to install the script on your server.

You can also purchase Premium-version at in “All services” → "ISPsystem modules".

Option 2. If you want to install free version:

  • Press “Install”. It’s possible to leave a default volume of report (512Mb). Press “Ok”.
  • After installation is complete you can find the module in “Additional apps” → Softaculous.

Option 3. If you’ve installed free version and want to upgrade to Premium:

  • Purchase Softaculous license according to “Option 1” scenario and go back to ISPmanager
  • Update ISPmanager license in “Help / About program” → "Update license".
  • Update Softaculous license in "Integration / Modules”, open Softaculous plugin settings, enable “Update license” flag and press “Ok”.

How to install the chosen script

  • Login in ISPmanager as user (not root);
  • Go to "Additional apps" → "Softaculous";
  • Choose the script and follow installation guide.


Local web scripts repository of ISPmanager is designed only for basic tasks and doesn’t include many scripts. Softaculous library is twice larger and has very user-friendly interface like App Store and Google Play. 5 millions of users from all around the world have chosen Softaculous, so we believe, you’ll like it as well.
In order to import the script, please find it in Softaculous search and open it. At a description page press “Import” and follow the guide.
Softaculous is designed to install apps smoothly. In most cases the reason of installation errors are caused by entering wrong email or a database name that is used already. Please enter a valid email or other catalog and database name. If you still have the issue - please consult with technical support of your hosting provider.
In order to update the app, please open a menu in upper right corner of a screen and press “All installations”. If Softaculous has a new version for the script available it will flag it with two blue arrows. Point your cursor at the arrows to see details and click for updating. In some cases updating fails and there may be different reasons for it. Softaculous has a backup tool, we advise you to use it to create a copy of your app and update it. In case of unsuccessful updating you can restore the app from backup and update it manually. Important: you are responsible for update if you have agreed with it.
Softaculous supports 11 languages. In order to change time and language, please open a menu in upper right corner and choose “Settings”. Change timezone and/or language and press "Edit Settings”

For providers

If you are a VPS provider and sell ISPmanager control panel to your clients, you can make some extra profit from reselling Softaculous licenses. Today your clients can only purchase the module in ISPsystem, while it is possible to buy it from you instead. In order to enable reselling for your billing, please contact us at

If you are shared hosting provider, you can install Softaculous on your server so your clients can have access to it.


Available for ISPmanager Lite starting version 5.33. Free version available.


Buy for 1€ per month