Free trial version

Evaluate the user-friendly interface, flexible features and high speed of ISPmanager. Install the 14-day trial version on your server.

Preparing for installation

Check the server IP address

We will issue a trial license bound to the IP address of your server. Only one trial version can be requested per one IP address. We recommend checking the IP address before installing ISPmanager.


Server requirements

The server should have only the operating system installed without additional services or connected third-party repositories. All necessary repositories will be connected automatically during the installation process.

ISPmanager Lite. Pro, Host

Hardware requirements: 512 MHz CPU, 1 core, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD

OS: CentOS 7 (recommended) and 8, Debian 9, 10; Ubuntu 18, 20

ISPmanager Business

Hardware requirements: 1 GHz CPU, 1 core, 4 Gb RAM, 60 Gb HDD

ОS: CentOS 7

Installing ISPmanager

  1. Connect to the server via SSH with superuser permissions (root).

    You can get your server access data from your hosting provider. As an SSH client, we recommend using the PuTTY utility.

  2. Upload the installation script to the server


  3. Start the installation process

    sh ISPmanager

  4. Follow the instructions

    — select the Stable (recommended) or Beta updates branch
    — select the Lite (full version is recommended) or Business version of the panel

  5. After installation is complete, the control panel is available at:

    https://Server's IP address:1500/ispmgr

    The first time you log in to the panel, you will need to go through the trial license issuance procedure with automatic account registration in your ISPsystem client area. The license key will be emailed to you immediately after registration.

If you have any questions during the installation, do not hesistate to contact us in our chat room or at We will be happy to help
Евгений Банников

Evgeni Bannikov

Director of Client Service