ISPmanager allows to create backup copies manually or schedule backups. Backup copies can be stored on local disk or uploaded to a remote FTP server or cloud storage such as Dropbox or Amazon.

Backups in ISPmanager make it possible to reduce resources consumption and improve website stability. The key features are:
  • minimal priority,
  • backup suspension,
  • 100 Mb slices.

You can divide a backup copy into a few slices to save more disk space. One slice is copied and deleted from the local server, then the next one comes. 100 Mb is the default slice size which can be changed by the administrator.

ISPmanager creates an archive in the .tgz format and saves the list of files with an offset. It allows to retrieve files without unpacking the whole archive.

Per default, backups are made daily. The first backup copy during a week will be full, while all the others will be differential, when only the changed files are copied. You can edit the backup schedule in cron settings.

Find more information about how to set up backups in our documentation.

If the backup process hasn’t been finished, it will be suspended and restarted later from the point of suspension.

Per default, ISPmanager stores up to 14 backup copies: 7 full weekly backups and 7 daily differential backups. This setting can be changed.