ISPmanager Business is developed to automate web hosting. By using this control panel you can create the unified space for your web hosting from one or a few servers and assign various roles to them, such as web server, primary nameserver, mail server, or database server.

When a new server is added to the cluster, ISPmanager Business:

  • determines its operating system,
  • connects it to certain repositories,
  • installs specific software.

Also, for remote management, the special control panel named ISPmanager Node is installed on each node. It controls the majority of server operations.

ISPmanager Business uses the recommended and fully-tested distributives to manage cluster nodes. All these distributives are installed automatically.

Web server — apache/php-fpm + nginx.

Nameservers — PowerDNS.

Mail server — exim.

Mail client — RoundCube.

Database server — MySQL and PostgreSQL.

You can assign any role to any server except for the primary nameserver.

It gives you at least two important features.

Scalability. If you are getting more customers and server load is increasing, you can easily scale it up by adding more servers.

Read more information in our documentation.