How to work with databases

ISPmanager can provide everything you may need to work with databases. Our control panel receives a list of configurations from the database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL).
  • Create and delete databases.
  • Create and delete MySQL and PostgreSQL users.
  • Set up remote access to MySQL databases.
  • Download database dumps from the control panel.
  • Add alternative MySQL versions.

User database size in ISPmanager can be cached in order to reduce load on servers and optimize control panel operation.

You can also change user passwords, access rights, and database volumes.

Alternative MySQL versions for websites located on one server

ISPmanager makes it possible to install unlimited MySQL/MariaDB servers of different versions within the same server. It is done with the help of an automatic Docker image rolled out by ISPmanager.

Each MySQL server is deployed within a separate Docker container. No chance for libraries to collision, so different websites can use MySQL servers of different versions.

Find more details in our documentation.