ISPmanager can configure name servers (DNS).

You need two IP addresses for name servers. Even better if these are two different servers; however, NS can also be located on one server.

The easiest way to set up DNS is using registrar name servers. This procedure doesn’t require any additional configurations on the server.

If your registrar doesn’t provide name servers, you can simply configure them in ISPmanager. You can do it with a few methods:
  • get two IP addresses of one server and assign primary and secondary name servers to them;
  • use your own server as the primary name server, while the secondary name server would be taken from a free third party service like;
  • use a few servers with ISPmanager and DNSmanager.

The most reliable DNS system can be achieved with ISPmanager master server and two DNSmanager slave servers.

In this case, name servers are located on different physical servers, guaranteeing high availability of domain names.

Read more information about name server model in our documentation.