ISPmanager can work with the file system directly from the interface. You can perform the most popular file operations by using the built-in file manager:
  • view and delete files and folders,
  • create, view, and edit file content, with the max. size of 256 KB for the file to be edited,
  • view contents of folders or archives,
  • change parameters of files or folders,
  • copy and relocate files,
  • work with archives as standard directories,
  • unpack files from archives or archive them back,
  • download and upload files,
  • set up disk quotas.

ISPmanager supports such archivers as Zip and Unzip. All copy and relocation operations are identical to Windows file explorer.

ISPmanager file manager is based on the Ace project. You can change the exterior of the editor, including fonts, themes, and syntax highlighting. Also, you can mark service characters such as space, tab, and line breaks. Use hotkeys to call for specific commands.

Learn more in documentation.

FTP clients

ISPmanager uses ProFTP/PureFTP as the FTP server.

If you have a few people working on the same website, with different access levels required, you can create separate FTP accounts. This way you can specify the path to user home directory and configure disk quotas.

The control panel allows to edit or delete user parameters and activate/deactivate specific FTP users.

Furthermore, you can grant access to specific files by using FileZilla. All you need is the address of your FTP server, username, and password.