Users in ISPmanager can install alternative PHP versions on their server, from 5.2 to 7.1. This feature allows having websites with different PHP versions on one server.

Normally, only one PHP version is applied for the server operating system. Websites with different PHP versions would be working incorrectly on such server. However, ISPmanager can fix it.

Alternative PHP versions are binary files and Apache mod_php modules, which we build and update regularly in ISPsystem. These files and modules are available in ISPmanager out of the box and allow installing a separate PHP version for each website.

You can utilize alternative PHP versions in ISPmanager for any PHP mode:
  • CGI,
  • Apache module,
  • FastCGI (PHP-fpm),
  • FastCGI (Apache module).

Read more about PHP configuration in ISPsystem documentation.