In ISPmanager Business, you can create a new user type called reseller.

The reseller can resell resources and services of its hosting, create and manage its own users. However, it cannot have its own resellers.

The reseller can create different access levels for each user, as well as add new templates for roles and create users from these templates.

Furthermore, these users will not have any rights to configure the server for they will use this server like standard clients.

Resellers are able to set up quotas on the disk, amount of FTP accounts, mailboxes, databases, and some other parameters.

Administrators can determine specific limits for their resellers, just like for simple users.

Quantitative limits:

  • disk space,
  • traffic,
  • number of IP addresses,
  • number of users, databases, FTP users, web domains, domain names, mail domains, and mailboxes.

Qualitative limits:

  • CPU time,
  • RAM,
  • user processes,
  • max. size of a mailbox,
  • number of emails sent,
  • number of cron jobs,
  • number of active connections per session,
  • number of Apache handlers,
  • number of active MySQL connections and MySQL requests.

Additionally, you can define whether a reseller is able to configure SSLs, use CGI, PHP, shell and PHP in CGI mode. You can also edit or delete resellers, if needed.

Read more about resellers in our documentation.