Resource usage statistics

ISPmanager Business can track how many hardware resources are used, such as CPU, RAM, and disk system. There are a few sections that represent statistics in the control panel.

Limits. Limits show how many resources are used: FTP users, IPv6 addresses, MySQL connections, domain names, traffic, etc.

Load on cluster nodes. This section can build charts showing load on disk space, RAM, and CPU of the whole cluster or specific servers.

System resources. It represents the usage of system resources by the control panel users, per period and their current location.

User and reseller traffic. It shows a sum of inbound and outbound traffic of users or resellers, i.e. how much data has been transferred and downloaded.

Active network connections. It shows active network connections and detailed information on them, such as local and remote addresses, ports, protocols, number of threads, and country. Any connection can be blocked.


Apart from resources statistics, ISPmanager Business can provide action and access logs.

Administrators can use action log to track user activity and find error causes. Access log allows to view the list of users that entered the control panel.

Log files are analyzed on your server, so no additional elements need to be installed on your pages. Furthermore, you can link up a service like Awstats or Webalizer, or download the unprocessed logs.

Learn more in documentation.