Account management

ISPmanager users can have different rights and tools for managing domains, FTP accounts, mailboxes, and databases.

Regardless of the access level of users, you can set different parameters for each user:

  • change login password,
  • select localization, starting page, and button design,
  • restrict access from certain IP addresses.

The first user in ISPmanager is always root. It can change any server settings and create new users. Normally it represents the owner of the server, or hosting in case of ISPmanager Business.

root can create administrator accounts. The administrator can have limited or unlimited rights like root has. The administrator can have access to all features if it is assigned superuser.

Administrators and root can create standard user accounts. ISPmanager lets you set flexible permissions for users and enable/disable access to any of the 40 features available in the control panel.

Create groups in order to alter access policy for a group of users. You can grant access for certain IPs or IPs from a certain list.

Find more details in our documentation.