ISPmanager Lite can offer a wide array of tools to manage your server and create unlimited websites, domains, email addresses, users, etc. This control panel can work with virtual as well as dedicated servers.

Web server installation

ISPmanager can use Apache or Nginx as a web server. It operates the following servers:
  • Nginx not lower than 1.1.15,
  • Apache 2.2 and Apache 2.4.

Also ISPmanager supports PHP-FPM, PHP for Apache, Awstats, Webalizer, and Logrotate.

In ISPmanager it is possible to choose the operation mode for your web server. It can be Apache, Nginx + Apache, or Nginx + PHP-FPM.

Web server template engine

ISPmanager uses the new mechanism for Apache/Nginx config file generation. These files are built from templates that can be edited at your discretion, e.g. if specific web server configuration is required for CMS installation.

By using templates you can specify directories for domain config files and their order. This feature gives you more flexibility. Also, files can be accessed via console.

The template engine has been developed by ISPsystem. Read more about it in documentation.

Resource usage statistics

ISPmanager provides important information about resources and server status, such as:
  • CPU,
  • RAM,
  • disk space,
  • swap,
  • average load,
  • uptime,
  • number of processes.