Meet VMmanager 6 beta

The cloud SaaS version is available for testing. There is no need to install it on a server.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Add a dedicated server
  3. Start creating virtual machines.

During the test period we provide a trial version with a limited number of virtual machines and clusters.

What is VMmanager 6

In 2017 we started developing the new version of VMmanager. The new product includes the improved server management logic, new features, and a completely different architecture and interface. We also prepared new documentation and much more.

Anton Chernousov, the product manager of VMmanager 6, is telling about stages of development, features, and future plans in the article.

Who is VMmanager 6 for?

We changed access levels, added new tools, revised the architecture.

Developers and organizations

With VMmanager 6, you can automate processes within one company, like application testing or remote access to databases.

Key features:
  • Work with virtual machines.
  • Create a unified library of images.
  • Run scripts on virtual machines.
  • View statistics and action log.

VPS providers

Providers will appreciate the opportunity to automate the sales of VPS with a user-friendly interface and rich functionality.

Key features:
  • VM migration.
  • Blocking of VM.
  • User and access management.
  • Statistics on nodes and VM.
  • Multiple clusters management in a single panel.
Already available for testing!

Two versions available

VMmanager 6 will be released as a cloud SaaS version with subscription and as an on-premise solution.

Beta testing in February 2019

VMmanager 6 SaaS

  • No need to install it.
  • Suitable for developers, organizations, and digital studios.

Add your servers and grant root access to start managing all of them from one place.

Sign up
Product in development

VMmanager 6

  • Installed on your server.
  • Selling of VPS and VDS.
  • Suitable for providers

Install VMmanager on-premise on a separate server and then add your servers to start.

Product in development
VMmanager concept and development plans

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