Service sales automation

ISPsystem platforms can be integrated with any billing system: BILLmanager, WHMCS and other billing systems via API. Thanks to the combination of the two products, you will be able to provide services of dedicated servers and VPS automatically.

Whenever you create and manage services, or set tariffs, the information about the ordered or stopped service is provided to ISPsystem platforms automatically. You can accept payments from clients, or generate invoices for payment or notifications about low balance in the billing system. If the client fails to pay the bill on time, the service will be stopped automatically.

It is easy to extend functionality by adding integration with any third-party software using an open API.

Preparing servers for sale

A number of features have been implemented in ISPsystem platforms for preparing the server for sale to clients:

  • Automatic diagnostics of the server;
  • Automatic OS installation from a template;
  • Automatic installation of scripts after OS installation;
  • Traffic information and other statistics;
  • Connection via IPMI to manage the server in DCImanager.