Knowledge base \ Install a panel on the server

Install a panel on the server

Our panels are installed from the console.

  1. Connect to the server by SSH with root permissions.
  2. Install Wget if needed.
    • If you run Debian execute the command: apt-get install wget
    • For CentOS execute the command: yum install wget
  3. Download the installation script: wget
  4. Execute the command: sh ISPmanager (where ISPmanager is a short name of a control panel).
  5. The installation script will offer you to choose a release version: beta or stable and connect the corresponding repository.
  6. Select a panel version from the list. The script will install the panel and required software.

After installation you can open the panel in your browser https://:1500/ispmgr, where ispmgr is a short name of a control panel. Enter your root login and password (the owner of the server) to log into the panel interface.