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Renew, update and delete the license

How to renew monthly and annual licenses?

You can renew a monthly or annual license in your Client area.

  1. Log into your Client area.
  2. Navigate to the “ISPsystem licenses section.
  3. Select a license and click on its name.
  4. Click Renew on the license management toolbar.
  5. Select a renewal and payment method.

If the license is not active yet, it will be renewed starting from the suspension date. If the license is already Suspended, it will be renewed from the renewal date. If you didn’t renew your license and it was deleted from the client area, you can simply order a new license on the same IP address. The panel will continue working with the settings you have already made.

Updates for lifetime licenses

Please note! Starting from July, 9 2018 we stopped selling lifetime licenses.

Every Lifetime license for any ISPsystem software product includes one year of free updates. After one year, updates can be obtained with a yearly subscription, which cost equals 50% of the yearly license cost.

Your control panel will continue working as is, but we strongly recommend keeping your version current. Timely updates for your license are very important as they include security bugfixes, new functions, and improvements to ensure system stability.

  1. Log into your Client area.
  2. Navigate to the ISPsystem licenses section.
  3. Click Renew on the license management form.
  4. Select a period and payment method. Click Pay now.

For more information please refer to our Documentation and website.

What will happen if I don’t pay for my license?

If you don’t renew your license, it will be suspended and you won’t be able to log into the web-interface of the control panel. All the data and settings that you have made through the panel won’t be deleted. You can manage them through the console or other tools. In a month the inactive license will be deleted from the Client area automatically.

How to restore a deleted license?

If you want to continue using the panel after its license has been deleted, you simply need to order a new license for the same IP address. You will be able to log into the control panel interface and continue working there. All the settings you made before will be kept.

If you delete a lifetime license, please contact our Customer care department to restore it.