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"Support incidents" and how to use them

When incidents are not charged from your account?

A support incident is a request in your Client area for technical support from ISPsystem's Technical support department. Paid support incident allows to get assistance from ISPsystem technical specialists. One incident is associated with one specific issue.

2 support incidents are added to your account when you purchase a service for the first time. And you get 1 support incident for each complete 100 Euros you have spent on services. On the Dashboard you can see the total number of incidents allocated to your account, and how many incidents you have already used.

  1. Log into your Client area.
  2. In the upper-right corner click on Support center. In the form that will open you will see the number of available incidents.
  3. To buy an incident, click on Details. Select the number of incidents you want to purchase and click Buy.

When incidents are not charged from your account?

When you submit a ticket to the Customer care department, the support incident won’t be deducted from your account. You can send as many tickets to this department as you need.

A paid incident is required when you need assistance of the technical specialist (questions related to configuration, update, integration, specific technical questions about ISPsystem products).

If you don’t know where to send your question, write to our Customer care department.

How does the system deduct an incident?

When you submit a ticket to Technical support department from your Client area, a support incident will be automatically deducted from your account. One ticket is one issue regardless the number of questions or replies you sent in the ticket.

We do not deduct an incident if we find a bug in our product.