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CI/CD as a service in the VMmanager platform

How to deploy SaaS on the example of a development environment
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How to choose core level network equipment

Victor Tkachenko of NAG shares how good documentation will help save money and what trends will be relevant in the future

How to manage overselling. Experience of FIRSTBYTE

Yuri Bogdanov, CEO of FIRSTBYTE hosting, shared with us how to set up overselling to the satisfaction of clients.

Ceph-based budget storage without buying data storage systems

EFSOL Oblako specialist has calculated how much money can be saved on equipment purchases by using Ceph

Testing KVM and LXD technologies

We have calculated how many VPS can be deployed on a single dedicated server

Virtual machines, Docker, LXD and Kubernetes

Let's see what kind of work tasks each technology is suitable for

Secure remote access

How to protect your infrastructure from intruders and employee security errors

How to set up a remote desktop using VMmanager

A fast way to create a virtual office for employees or as a paid service