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Virtual machines, Docker, LXD and Kubernetes

Let's see what kind of work tasks each technology is suitable for
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Secure remote access

How to protect your infrastructure from intruders and employee security errors

How to set up a remote desktop using VMmanager

A fast way to create a virtual office for employees or as a paid service

How to segment a network using VLAN

Designing a secure network and overview of common errors when using VLAN

How to design a server room without regrets

Anatoliy Yakhontov, IT Director at X NET tells how to avoid most common accidents in server room

What is the Internet of Things and IoT devices

Galina Maltugueva, scientific consultant of IOT company, explains the essence of the Internet of Things and its problems in the industry

What is more profitable: colocation or own data center?

Efim Mirochnik - VP of Data Center Operations in Acronis has shared his experience

Tips to IT specialists on server room grounding

The correct approach to server room grounding to protect your equipment